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Edited brochure text

Hi there, Please find my contest entry attached. As you'll see, I've split the content under 3 separate sub-headings which I think help to break the text up a bit plus they're all positive statements in regard to the service you're offering people. I've standardized "Unique Solutions Healthcare", as the service name previously changed slightly throughout and I thought it would be better to use one name for consistency. The main textual changes come towards the beginning of the document but otherwise I opted for a light edit here and there - I didn't think a major overhaul was necessary as your message is already pretty clear and it's important that your voice still comes through in this. I changed the size of some of the paragraphs and moved a few sentences around, merging some together or breaking some of the longer ones up a little. I hope I've interpreted the brief right and this is along the lines of what you're after. All the best, Gavin

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