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I followed your outline but re-ordered some content. In looking at the sites you liked, I saw that they sell direct to the consumer. If I understand your business model, your website is directed to apparel buyers. So, although you like how the clothing is described in the two example sites, you need to direct your message to your target audience. I took that approach -- providing content that makes your brands look attractive to the end buyer, but directing the message to apparel buyers. A few questions: -- Do you have a sustainability story? The sites you liked talked about their fabrics with regard to sustainability. -- What about your factories? The fact that you own them is good since it gives you control over delivery. But they're overseas. What you do to ensure quality? For example, do you pay higher than average wages? Anything else that differentiates you from other companies that manufacture overseas? I hope you like my entry and that we can work together in the future.

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