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Artistic sketch

I don't know if you meant something like image and/or a writing in relief on the sleeve's front .... I drew a lollipop and the writing "#SweetLife" both in relief thinking about children, but I can draw something much more serious (a geometrical pattern or flowers or a writing or any other objects with or without a writing, for example) and I can change the background color using another color instead of black or using a pattern design. I made the drawing using SketchUp, so that's a real 3D object. I can send you the original .SKP file if you need it. Sorry for my poor English :-(

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  • stebo192
    • 1 mês atrás

    I can draw another -and better drawn - character with the mouthpiece at the bottom (corresponding to the feet/shoes) if you want

    • 1 mês atrás