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B.P. Pavan Kumar (logo by Ismene)

Font = Maiandra GD (will send if required). In VERSION 1 the typing follows the example in the assignment file. In VERSION 2a and VERSION 2b the layout is changed for the sake of better legibility. The primary image has been changed for the 50x50px variant of the logo, to help preserve discernability at this lethally small size. RGB of ,,P" is 255-0-0. The added effects which modify its shade can be disabled (or altered according to preference) - viz source file. RGB of the name and the spiral is 80-50-255, also slightly modified by the blending effects. All can be changed upon request. Thank you for consideration : ) Ismene (The source files are in .psd format which is not permitted here, can send via e-mail if you wish.)

Inscrição nº 21 do Concurso para Design Logos for 2 names.
Inscrição nº21

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