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Benner-splatter style-edited version

Here, I hope these are the controllers, you had in mind. I edited it, as you requested if there's anything else, let me know.

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  • wittness
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 7 anos atrás

    Very sleek and professional design, but creative too. We have a really tough decision to make with so many great entries! Regardless of the design we do pick as the winner, we would love to keep in contact with you, so if you could add us to S-k-y-p-e on progamingltd that would be great.

    • 7 anos atrás
    1. MatrixGfx
      • 7 anos atrás

      Okay, thanks. Also I just wanted to point out that you will get all of the designs I've submitted, if you want, for the same price of 1.

      • 7 anos atrás
    2. bojandjordjevic
      • 7 anos atrás

      I know that thr beauty is in the eye of the beholder,but i have to ask am i the only one who sees broken joysticks in this icture.O well......

      • 7 anos atrás