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Another Logo with different font.Please ask freely for any changes.

Inscrição nº 91 do Concurso para Design a Logo for MOONDOG CONSTRUCTIONS
Inscrição nº91

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  • lakhbirsaini20
    • 4 anos atrás

    Thank you for your wishes.personally i like pepsi font very much and also Teacher_A.

    • 4 anos atrás
  • petersprekos
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 4 anos atrás

    Thank you, we like your designs very. Congratulations, we have chosen you as the winner. I will need to check with my partner which font we prefer. Which logo do you recommend is the best font? I would like your professional opinion on which looks best. Thank you, Peter.

    • 4 anos atrás