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My proposal for your logo. Can be used easily on a t-shirt and also reduced on a flat design. Also can be enhanced with other elements but I want to see if you like it. Please see it in full view.

Inscrição nº 201 do Concurso para Design a Logo for Sneakers
Inscrição nº201

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  • gogugoguta
    • 4 anos atrás

    Hi! I am glad you like it. The logo was build for use as it is. If I put a sneaker there would be too crowded. Unfortunately your contest is ending soon and I don't have time to rebuild the hole thing to accommodate a sneaker there.

    • 4 anos atrás
  • edwardcoplin
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 4 anos atrás

    we like it could you add a sneaker in there as well

    • 4 anos atrás