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  • NiJor
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    • 8 anos atrás

    Hi abd786vw,

    Thank you for participating in my contest.
    Here is some feedback on your design:

    I like the color usage and the usage of the letters in the billiard balls.
    I also like the font you used it looks very smooth.

    However I was wondering if you could make another design like this one using 3 billiard balls with the solid colors red, yellow and white. This is because my target audience mostly plays the billiard game called Carom Billiards, in this game they only use 3 balls ( red , yellow and white ). I was wondering how a design in this style but with those 3 balls would look like.

    I'm still not 100% sure on which direction I want to take with my logo, so far I like the style of your design the best.
    I hope you could add some variations based on the above feedback.

    Kind Regards,

    • 8 anos atrás