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unfortunatlythe second font at the top doesn't have capitols

Inscrição nº 16 do Concurso para Design a Logo for an Amazon and eBay Business - repost
Inscrição nº16

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  • sychoi
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    I accidentally chose the wrong one when I awarded the project. However, the one that I do want is actually is the second to last picture. I believe I need 2 sizes right now, and possibly in the future, I will need a few more sizes.

    Just in case, please send a full size photo that I can hold on to.

    Also for Amazon, the required size is
    Size: exactly 120 pixels (width) x 30 pixels (height)
    File format: JPG or GIF

    For eBay

    Your logo should be:
    310 X 90 pixels in size
    10 KB or smaller
    Gif, jpeg, or png format

    Thank you very much!

    • 5 anos atrás