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Please if you like the design than discuss in PM. I can make any changes you want, I have tried using your website and pups day out website color theme. black area is the bleed which will get trimmed. I can make any changes to style and fonts or use any picture you want. Nosework logo is of bad quality, if you can provide a better quality please attach or let me know the font and I will recreate it. I have tried using white color BG because as there is lot of text, using gradient backgrounds and stylish pages, can make it difficult to read. The image is websaved for now Let me know. Sunny

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  • olk9raleigh
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 6 anos atrás

    I do like the design but several items need to be tweaked on this page in order to make it successful so that you win. :-) Please remove "Highest Rated Dog Trainers in DMV Area". I am not in this area. I am a new branch that opened in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

    The Pups Day Out Portion needs to state somewhere that all nosework takes place at the Pups Day Out facility. Please remove all the locations for Off Leash - these should not be listed.

    • 6 anos atrás
    1. olk9raleigh
      Proprietário do Concurso
      • 6 anos atrás

      All Off Leash K9 Nosework sessions will take place at the Pups Day Out facility.
      Please list the location of the Pups Day Out facility
      All Pups Day Out customers will receive 15% off Nosework packages.
      Please call or email Off Leash K9 Training to schedule your session:
      Please list our phone number and email.

      • 6 anos atrás
    2. publishinggurus
      • 6 anos atrás

      Just saw these, I will get it done in an hour. I was out of home whole day couldn't come online.

      • 6 anos atrás