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or perhaps something like this

this is an existing theme, we simply customize it for you. what do you think? contact me by skype at daniel.nyakana and have a look at my client comments and portfolio and I my clients are happy with me work, recently I won a 90euro and a 500 usd contest, take a loot at them in my profile. I am good at what I do and understand design and how to make the right choice in design at the right time, like choosing an existing template thats awesome and easy to customize for your need. Daniel

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  • dnyakana
    • 4 anos atrás

    Before you pick a winner I would like to let you know that I am really good at what I do, I do what they do but I do it better. Have a look at my profile I have recently won two contests for which I am delivering the final designs. One for 500USD and another for 400AUD. The clients from freelancer were pleased with my work and have become repeat clients and that is because I am creative, execute great work, and delivery an exceptional end product to my clients. I am here for the long term and want to build clients so therefore I try my very best to give the highest customer service I can.

    • 4 anos atrás