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Option 2

Hi please have a look at my design option 2. I have seen others submission. But I don't think they have much expertise in design quality. I would suggest you if you select anybody ask them about user experience things. If they tells then go for their design. See you have to concentrate on user experience. How it works. How people will get to know about your services. I have been in UX design since 8 yrs I know what too put and what not. See others design they these all are not properly aligned. I am not telling you too go for my design but before select please research on UX and latest trends on design. Hope you understood my point. Waiting for your positive feedback. Thanks Sugata

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  • mrrex45
    • 5 anos atrás

    Excuse me.... Check #8 #3 #23 #18 #5
    And you say that they are not User Friendly....... :/
    Don't ever beg to be a winner.......

    • 5 anos atrás