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Newstier Second Design

This website is based off the principles of art. The width percentage of boxes is to the specifications of a technique used by Picasso, Monet and other great artists. As you scroll down the design changes into a common dimension with even measurements. The orange in the design is balanced out with some on each side (pictures included orange). Flex template with large size at 1400px width. Title of page or image in gray-blue strip under header. Blog button moved out of right column and placed in the gray-blue strip to the right. Wooden social link buttons. Fancy footer with all main links accessible. Paper background for the three columns in the middle. Under this is a mat background and on top the yoga pose with circular displays. Very close to the original design layout. Hope you like. Thanks Denis

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  • EmilyYates83
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 7 anos atrás

    like the arrangement of the central images. newsletter box can be smaller. also, fewer and more subtle colours. more white. Perhaps the menu bar can also be white to fit in with the logo.

    • 7 anos atrás