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Spa-ark home 3r3

Hi CH, thanks for your feedback. Attached is revised design with requested changes. Regards, clickinn

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  • clickinn
    • 7 anos atrás

    Hi CH, I converted the pub file to pdf. Can't see the bottom of the page. Is there a possibility that you can send me pdf or jpg format of the mockup?

    • 7 anos atrás
  • EmilyYates83
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 7 anos atrás

    Could we try containing the 3 article boxes by perhaps putting them inside a subtle panel. Also, like the fade-out effect of the menu bar, but think the lower line is too straight - is it possible to apply the fade out effect to this too? For the font tones at the top, I'm not keen on the blue colour for email address or the strong black for the reviews. Would it be possible to use shades of beige/grey? Also, could we try using a different font, maybe 'philosopher'? Would like to try the main image text as just white overlayed text without the orange panel. At the bottom before the footer, we need a 'keywords box' as in the mock-up, with Yin-Yang and Meditating figure symbol each side - these can be reproduced in shades of grey too.

    • 7 anos atrás