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Shield Keychain

This design is a print-in-place shield that has a rotatable middle part which has the lion on one side and the text on the other. I made the top side flat so it can be printed without supports, and have test-printed it with white PLA on my Ender 3 Pro (0.4mm nozzle 0.2mm layer height) to make sure the middle is able to turn properly. It turned out to be a plain but sturdy design, you can scale it to make thinner and have a lithophane effect, but it might alter its ability to rotate. IMPORTANT: Enable the "Print thin walls" setting in cura or lion's thinner parts might vanish, depending on layer height and nozzle size. Also different printers might have different characteristics, if the middle part turns out too tight or too loose you can alter the "Horizontal Expansion" setting by trying values like +-0.01 (negative values make gaps smaller)

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