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TampaFinder - Parallax Design (Updated)

Hello there. Since my first entry I made some small changes. I will put them in the comment area. I'm waiting for your feedback. Also I updated the server. Cheers.

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  • AndreiVeve
    • 8 anos atrás

    Check out the live website:

    -fixed some bugs with the responsive menu(it was a lit' buggy and also changed the "toggle icon" and the colors)
    -added the flexslider plugin and the fancybox(so you can visualize your photos..just click on a image in the Touch Carousel area)
    -added the color switcher so you could choose a color-scheme that you love(It will be removed in the final product)
    -added the portfolio / products area (it uses the carousel style - also it's responsible 100%)
    -added the "Our clients" area (so you could display a list of 10+ top clients of your products / apps)
    -some code cleaning and also I added comments for you.

    Hope you like it. Waiting for your feedback. Best regards.

    • 8 anos atrás