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My very first entry!!

Hello MissZani, My name is Tiziano Ovale and i work at the Creative Media Solutions firm in San Diego, being new to i would like to present myself to all of you folks, hello :-) This is a little simple page i did for your contest, it`s a very intuitive yet interesting home page for your website, knowing the kind of costumers you folks are trying to reach, i worked in a very light way on design and felt that i should focus more about the costumer service and functionality of the website!! I was also thinking about to had a chat, where after the customers have sign up, can ask questions and feel more secure of her choice, cause investing in your retirement should be done very carefully!! Since your firm i`m sure is a leader in the sector, that would give your customer the feel of being followed personally, let me know if it is something that can spark your interest!! In the meantime have a wonderful day and really hope to work with you folks!!

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