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The front design of your store

You did what you wanted by following your notes Some elements have been dispensed with due to the smaller squares and the use of only unique fonts. Please notify me if you need to change an item. I am waiting for your response. Thank you.

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  • AM1110
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 4 meses atrás

    Please switch the definition of boujee square with the opening hours.

    Change 'specially crafted' Area to 'Handcrafted To Perfection.' and make the word perfection same gold as the one from my logo.

    Put a capital letter on the definition of 'Boujee' and make 'Boujee' gold as well.

    Please make my logo the same as the uploaded logo I have put on, your one has a red tint to it.

    Put the 'handcrafted to perfection' box to the furthest right, and have the definition of boujee on the furthest left box from those three.

    Remove 'Ready when you are', and change the font in the opening hours to the same one as 'Handcrafted to perfection', make the word 'open' same colour red as logo.

    I really love this design, I will update for more changes.

    • 4 meses atrás
    1. ussefNc
      • 4 meses atrás

      Thanks for your response, I will now start adding changes and will upload it again within 2 or 4 hours

      • 4 meses atrás