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  • AM1110
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    • 2 meses atrás

    Looks decent,

    For the word 'Boujee' in the meaning, perhaps try using the gold colouring and font from the 'Boujee' in my logo, also make the word a bit larger in the meaning. The definition words can stay white.

    For the 'open from 11am to 9pm', please change the font to the same as the word 'boujee burger bar' font. Make the word 'everyday' into the gold colour from the word 'Boujee'. The rest of the words can be white, open can be red, same as my logo colour.

    Switch positioning of 'Boujee' definition and Opening hours. So the opening hours can be left of the logo.

    Remove the graphics on the 'burgers shakes and more'. Make them all into the same font as the 'Boujee Burger Bar' and make the word 'More' into the same gold and the rest of the colours can be white for the words.

    Remove graphics from 'specially crafted'. Change words to 'Handcrafted To Perfection.' Make all words words white but make the word perfection the same gold as in the word 'Boujee'.

    Thank you.

    • 2 meses atrás