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Hi! this is my version for your logo! High symbolism icon - the overall look shows an eye expressing the visual part of the icon and yet if you tilt the head it looks like a symbolic human, divided in 2 parts representing the bonds created by the trainer with the trainee. The icon was very carefully thought about, so you can have a high symbolistic feature to your logo, that is easy to represent in a schetch. Also the color scheme can be changed if you dislike it. Please provide feedback for a satisfying colaboratin!

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  • markohamel
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 6 anos atrás

    Dear OmB,

    I really like your logo and the story behind it. And it would be great to see how it looks like in a different less feminin color ;-)
    At the moment I use the following colors on my page:
    770011 dark red
    ff7700 orange
    ffff00 yellow
    I'd favor the orange. I am also open for your ideas and color scheme.

    All the best,


    • 6 anos atrás
    1. OmB
      • 6 anos atrás

      I have submitted the requested color schemes + some other variations - waitind for your feedback in order to achive your desired logo!

      • 6 anos atrás