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Kids (Girls) Outerwear

Workmanship is given below. 1. Body fabric is made of 2/2 rib (engineering stripe circular dia knitting machine.) GSM is 250. 2. Stripe repeat length is uniform with two colors Light Sky Blue and Light Plum. 3. Bottom hem, Cuff and Collar made with Violet color Silk Satin fabric with inside white color shell fabric. 4. White color decorative (two hole) cuff button 1 for each. 5. Except Collar the cuff and bottom hem with will not cross 1 inch. 6. Left side of the body contains a pocket of violet color. Pocket Flap slanted in one direction. It contains a white color snap button. Pocket interlining white color shell fabric. 7. Front plastic zipper white color. 8. Front Chest floral Flock Print Violet color. 9. Satin fabric must be very low GSM but tear resistant. My design is unique cause it has satin hem. Thanks for reading!

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