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Geomerical Christmas Card

i have highlighted the snow flake combining with Christmas colors- red,blue,white and green in an geometrical way.I used red and blue as the uniform of Santa Claus and green as the color Christmas Tree.I have chosen white as the background color comparing with the snow on the ground. I have thought of doing something different from the casual cards of the pictures of Santa Clause and dears...and the same gifts on the sleigh...with the night stars has became the most common cards in every i thought of not including those stuffs...and i choose to try something in an geometrical way.i have even seen people got fed up buying the same patterned cards.Seeing something in a new style can grab people's attention and such geometrical patterns always attracts people to see more because it's really mysterious what the pattern is actually trying to say..and what it prefers to. I personally love geometrical patterns a i hope people would like my design,thank u.

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