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Red to put some life in apartment

Hi Thomas, I see your place like this. Living room: wide book shelves, hanged on the wall, just under shelves there is sink (could be used for some plants) combined with chest of drawers. Between red alcantara sofa and library you should live some space, so you can use it :). Sofa should be open, like my sugestion. Dining room: I would use hanged cabinets (2 or 3 it could also be in different levels), open or closed with slightly tanned glass doors. Nearby stands modern fireplace with upholstery element. I also suggest square dinning table in mdf-corian combination (if its to expensive, use laminate instead of corian), glass makes it somehow steryle. I think red (or similar) is needed to make this place more alive.

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  • ThomasSci
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 5 anos atrás

    thank you for your suggestion. You have done a good job on the fireplace. More color in the house makes it more alive. This is true. Using of shelves has for me an IKEA style. Thank you once more for your time. Maybe we will get a chance to work together next time.

    • 5 anos atrás
    1. JureQstudio
      • 5 anos atrás

      Hi Thomas, I somehow designed it as a medium budget furniture, becouse there was no budget sugestions from you. Also the prize is a bit to low, so that makes me feel the customer is not willing to pay a lot for furniture. I am used to make custom made high-end designs, but if so, i have to make also the plans for carpenter otherwise the carpenter isnt able to make it the right way. Considering al these aspects I downgraded the complexity of furniture, so you coul buy it almost everywhere. In fact the livingroom shelves are a bit expencier, couse the glass segments are holding the weight of upper mdf segment (so it is "no go" for IKEA), the dinnig room maybe looks a bit cheap, that s a good note and I agree with that. So, please next time consider about giving us info about budget, becouse it is very important (I have to know whether I design a 1000 or 15000 eur living room).
      Best regards, Jure

      • 5 anos atrás