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    Scope: Create Katy's Krew Logo (2 Logo's)

    Color: Must be Teal on both Logo's
    Font: Must be the Font provided in picture: Box with Katy's Krew on it

    Logo 1:
    Use the Teal Ribbon (from the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Image) to create a Heart Border or Edge (Make sure it looks like the ribbon).
    Message/Lettering in the middle: Katy's Krew
    Put the butterly on the right side of the "w'' in Krew - Use the butterfly from the Hope Image

    Logo 2:
    Use the Butterfly with ribbon
    Message in the top/middle of the Butterflies Wings: Katy's Krew
    Message in the bottom/middle of the Butterflies Wings: Be Strong: Hope, Love, Faith

    • 4 meses atrás