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My Robot Lego :)

Hi! create a character for your brand, it's a cute robot " lego " he has a platform as having the characteristics of that Toys . moreover, with 3 " lay " arme brand stands for the foot of the robot. and to be a flat shape can adapt to multiple uses , including changing the color, add Christmas hat for the holidays, a myriad of purposes !. I hope your comment , enjoy doing , to my 5 -year- fascinated him : D . Greetings from Argentina

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  • melcali
    • 5 anos atrás

    thank a lot for destars!

    • 5 anos atrás
  • YBRobotics
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 5 anos atrás

    this is my favourite out of the four submitted so far. Better with straight colours and not the outline in 50,51. Not sure I like the YBR on the chest AND below, I think it's a little too much. probably just the chest if at all. I'm also going to ask for advice about the shape of the minifig to make sure it wouldn't infringe on copyright and trademarks.

    • 5 anos atrás