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Hey The logo I designed for your online clothing brand is a combination of all the elements you mentioned in the description. The logo with a red circular background element takes inspiration from japanese flag, the circular rings with cherry blossoms draw inspiration from japanese culture which I left only half way done to represent the circularity of imperfection. The clothing rack represents the clothing element which doesn't have a cloth on it to make a mark to find beauty in all aspect. I kept the font simple, eye catching and easy to read. Thankyou so much for this opportunity. Feel free to reach me for any future projects or if you want any changes in this one. Regards Rajanshee Singh

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  • harmeetkohli959
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    We want to start an e-commerce platform to sell used clothing.

    The name of the business is ‘Wabi Sabi’, which broadly means beauty even in imperfection.

    We appreciate your entry, however, it would be great if you can work on the logo design that incorporates the following 4 things:

    1. Word ‘Wabi Sabi’ (in Japanese Calligraphic Font)

    2. Sub-heading ‘Sustainable Clothing’

    3. Have symbol of Wabi Sabi
    You can see the symbol here

    4. Have a symbol of sustainable fashion
    You can see the symbol here

    • 3 meses atrás