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Name, logo and slogan for the ramen restaurant

Hallo! Although I don't have a professional equipment, I tried to create a clean and refreshing work. I am not a native Japanese speaker but therefor a native German speaker! Since your restaurant is going to be in Germany, I tried hard to find a rhyming and remembering Slogan that goes very well with the name! Hitokuchi (eng: a sip, a bite, a mouthful) means for example "Schluck" in German and is directly related to the sipping and slurping of the Ramen soup, a typical thing to do when you eat it/ drink it ! I played with the red colour of Japan and created an own symbol for the Ramen soup because I dind't want to pay extra money for symbols there are on the Internet. I hope you enjoy it and at least take some inspiration from it ! Vielen Dank im Voraus :-)

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