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suggestion 1. a unique combat mechanism

a gladiator game based on a quite new fighting mechanism that every weapon and every skill means really something ! I have a lot of ideas about this which there is some of them: (I explain them by assuming PlayStation controller) right analog stick is the most important thing about direction of your attack/defence actions. for example an sword can incur from 360 direction which represent attacker right analog stick. (or can be for example 36 direction and each direction represent 10 degree on right stick ... it depends on how you can program it better and how powerful the hardware is) and also it need variation about type of attack by time of holding and releasing R2 which make different balance between speed and power (showing on a gauge between 0,100) which is percentages of weapon power. 100 minus previous amount is the percentage of weapon speed. these will be applied on the weapon Max stats. there is a lot of more details in my mind ... let me know if you are interested.

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