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White & Blue Value Chain

Updated version eliminating the aged paper background and using blue color scheme for all content.

Inscrição nº 4 do Concurso para Process illustration: Illustrate/design a diagram of a process
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  • Ragnar2424
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 5 anos atrás

    I'd say you're in the lead right now. We really like how sleek this is. Minimalist. Very much what we had in mind. However, the da vinci image doesn't connect each phase enough. So... our main concern is to get four gears to be easily understood as symbols for each phase (maybe fading/watermarking other gears?). And these gears don't have to have exactly a da Vinci but we do want them to be renderings/blueprints (we're trying to show that this process SPAWNS the highly efficient machine that is our company).

    So IDEALLY, the first gear (Acquire Value) is a "blueprint" rendering of a gear, but each subsequent gear would become more realistic/complete (but still connect with the one next to it). something along these lines: Thank you for this entry!

    • 5 anos atrás
    1. playfulwingmen
      • 5 anos atrás

      Nice. Really appreciate the detailed feedback. Let me take a crack at it tomorrow. Will try to find/create a visual that helps convey the evolution / refinement of a chain. Cheers,

      • 5 anos atrás