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process illustration

Hello and thanks for the feedback! Here's the updated version. I reduced the number of gears and reorganised the text to increase visibility, including a more contrasting color scheme. I decided to rotate the final two gears in an isometric view in order to take advantage of the 3D and shading, while the first gears remained flat and illustrated like a blueprint, so the effect is enhanced, from flat CAD drawing to full 3D.

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  • Ragnar2424
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    • 5 anos atrás

    This is definitely an interesting take. We think the gears are too prominent now though... Can we see them placed below everything? If the angle of the 3D wasn't quite as dramatic, I think it would also help focus the attention on the message. This is definitely close though! The only other request I have is to make the gears more similar and interlocking (like the first two). The third gear seems out of place. Thanks again!

    • 5 anos atrás