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Celeritas Racing Sports Ltd - In sparking caliber

To whom it may concern... Firstly thank you for the opportunity to take part in the contest. I decided upon 'In sparking caliber' for many a reason. This slogan instantly and thoroughly informs the potential client of the quality and nature of your products and the briskness of your employees. Secondly the slogan alludes to the swiftness and speed with which your business and the clients who will purchase the quality wears operate. It also motivates the client him/herself to be IN your caliber gear. Also, the slogan also harmonizes with your company name since it has a smooth flow of alliteration with regards to the 's', 'r', and 'k/c' sounds. The spark also contributes to the idea that you business strives for innovation since it takes a unique spark which is only possessed by you. Lastly you can also commit your logo to your slogan by also tinting it with spark spirals.This really looks impressive.Attached are some examples. Please let me know what you think. Regards, Rikky

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