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Modern Workstation

Hello, i hope you like my entry. I found the competition very interesting. According to this design: - On the left side there are two modules of shelves for the pans and each one is dimensioned for 6 pans on two levels. There is also a nook on the back side for the fans. - The drafters on the left side are for the spare parts. -The right side is a showcase from glass for the final products. It is dimensioned for all the possible sizes you gave for the containers. Please review!

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  • jhains
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 6 anos atrás

    This has modern features, some modular features, but only real striking piece is the right side with the different colored translucent panels. Nice that it does have compartments to hold different size containers. Looking for more wow factor with this.

    • 6 anos atrás