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Pit Bull Tribal design (final image)

Here is the final render of the Pit Bull. the final file is a high resolution psd file 20" tall with the black on a separate layer.

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  • cathysamulde
    • 1 ano atrás


    • 1 ano atrás
  • Pibbles
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 5 anos atrás

    It's beautiful! Okay, I haven't received a reply back from Freelancer on how to award to designs the prize. So, If you would post this image on my other contest at I will award it to you there. Thank you.

    • 5 anos atrás
    1. adstyling
      • 5 anos atrás

      You can choose second or multiply winners, look at your options.

      • 5 anos atrás
  • photowiz2000
    • 5 anos atrás

    Ok, It's posted over at your other contest. This is my first contest won, so I'm new to how this all works. I guess you have to select it as a Winner and then I sign the IP Transfer agreement and upload files. Then you download and accept the file and sign the transfer agreement too. Then the prize money is released...

    • 5 anos atrás