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This Slogan business slogan/tagline has mass appeal.It's witty, appealing to the ear or calls people to action and shall help spark interest in your company. The slogan is focused specifically on the individual characteristics of your company and be a very effective part of your marketing efforts.Undoubtly it's a phrase that connects with customers and keeps them thinking of your business. The Slogan is very Memorable :-People remember the best slogans . They have mass appeal as they are able to connect with their audience. People shall remember the slogans because it relate's to their lives and have meaning. Clarity and Message Clarity and a message are two things necessary in advertising. If your customers don't understand your slogans, they will forget them along with your company.The slogans shall successfully convey a message to you'r audience. Humor The slogan shall enable a sense of humor and shall be remembereb,they therefore have a better chance of catching on.

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