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Awaken the Infinite Breath

Amid the routine and the chaos of our lives comes a much-welcomed unassuming yet powerful piece of literature written by the Tony Samara Humanitarian Association. It is a book that harnesses the power of meditation, empowers the individual and challenges the conjectures of meditation. The focus and source of liberation is the wisdom in one's own heart. It is out of this internal sanctuary we find movement, joy and changed perspective. A well-written revelation that balances realist perspective with enlightening mysticism, this book walks the reader through letting go and finding the vibrations of joy that are everywhere. Reading "Awaken the Infinite Breath" is an opportunity to escape the busy humdrum of Western Culture, as well as our presuppositions on meditation, and allow the intrinsic wisdom to become tangible in our daily lives.

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  • tspublications
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 5 anos atrás

    Dear Jamica, thank you very much for your entry. We would like to ask you if you could add another paragraph summarising in a creative way what the article speaks about as what we are seeking here specifically is to get attention from the magazine in order to have the article published by them. Your words could be very much used as a book review for instance but perhaps you could just write another paragraph summarising the article, would this be ok with you? We like very much the way you write and would like to use your services another time, could you please send us an email explaining more what you do? Thank you!!

    • 5 anos atrás
    1. Jemica
      • 5 anos atrás

      You are welcome to use the beginning blurb I have written anonymously. However, I am currently busy with new employment and am no longer continuing with freelancer. Thank-you.

      • 5 anos atrás