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Animated Subscribe Button Redesign

I'm making the subscribe button group follow your requirements. Thank you for taking a look. Please let me know if there are any details that need improvement. But first, let me take some note about this attempt: Firstly, I'm not as proficient in Final Cut or iMovie. My solution is mostly based on the ProRes 4444 format, which has transparency pixels to apply to video. To test it, you can download and try it using "". Secondly, I have two versions currently, one dark and one light. I'm particularly interested in hearing your suggestions for modifying the designs, so please don't hesitate to express your thinking. About the sound effect, I am afraid of sound compatibility in MacOS. Tell me when you can hear nothing. I know there are still many limitations. Please give me some suggestions when you want to improve it.

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  • BBkuro
    • 2 meses atrás

    It seems like the GIF format does not work well in Freelancer. I have uploaded the MP4 version here. Pease take a glance:

    • 2 meses atrás