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Clear and full voice + natural and soulful ambient

I actually liked the sounds of birds - brought more ambiance and 'feel' to the track in general! I removed all other unwanted noises (winds, excessive tracking noises etc.), automated the music track, so it compliments the voice of the narrator. EFX track was also modified, when it occurs, you'll know it! Finally, I mixed the vocals to get the sweet spot and bring out both the warmth and the presence! After eventually being awarded the contest, I will be delivering you with the requested format of 48kHz, 16bit. The link: Any comment, suggestion and feedback would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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Inscrição nº5

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  • andywhitevw
    • 7 anos atrás

    Hello Sir! Thank you for rating me! Please make sure to check out our second submission - it's somewhat different, and in my personal opinion might work a bit better than this entry. Kind regards.

    • 7 anos atrás