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Hello Boss, I have played around with the wave as you suggested and came up with this, personally I like it, better like this, might not be too soft of colors but it makes logo look better, teals, light and some not to light teals, let me know, looking forward on helping you out on whatever you need for your business since I already know your style.

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  • chantellsim
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 6 anos atrás

    Love the colours I think it looks fantastic!
    Can you lift the Chasing Tydes just a bit off the wave so you can see it a bit better
    Thanks so much, Loving this design

    • 6 anos atrás
    1. manuel0827
      • 6 anos atrás

      Of course I can do that Boss, like I said I am happy you are loving your logo, it is very important for customer to engage with designers so they can really get what they want, I any revisions anything you want I am here to do it, any file you want I can provide everything is made in illustrator, let me lift the chasing tyde a bit so wen can see clearly your company name.

      • 6 anos atrás