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elegant clip

this is my entry for your project please go through this demo video which our team placed to showcase our work, when you initially select us as the contest winner we will send you both the videos in 4k 60 fps, also some stuff i want you to know. the smudges, so for the smudges i believe our team removed it first but it looked super fake as the video is recorded with an iPhone i believe the quality and footage is limited to us, i wouldn't recommend you to remove those smudges. the colors and stabilizing, so we removed shakes as much as we could without giving it a fake feeling and we made the videos colors really decent and elegant, everything is top notched although you might see a 360p version of it that doesn't really matter. if you need additional stuff like animations songs etc 3d animations in this video to make it super elegant its not a problem we can get it covered too with a slight additional cost. please tell me your thoughts and changes if you have any.

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