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I send you variants of my design. - Different fonts and color options. - Correction line drawing (head, arms, shoulders, and more). I hope you like them. Feel free to ask me to make all the changes or adjustments you want, to Improve or combine them. I am working in a vector program (Corel Draw), so I can give you the CDR file (Corel) or AI file (Illustrator), or even convert it to PDS (Photoshop). Thank you again.

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  • STUDIO510
    • 10 anos atrás

    4 (four) more options. You can ask me to adjust or combine them. Thank you!

    • 10 anos atrás
    1. STUDIO510
      • 10 anos atrás

      Hi, thank you very much for appreciating my work!
      Ok, I will take out the spine.
      As regards the file, I will send you a PSD (Photoshop) Isolated into layers (backgroud, 2 layers of the pianist drawing, the circle, all the titles, author name, etc). Besides, ll texts are editable, so you can change what it says, the size, place, etc..
      I will send you the fonts too.
      Everything in layers so you can transform, if necessary.
      The 3rd variant that you like is the one with 2 pianist drawings (one black and the other green, kilted) and the green dotted backgound? Please confirm if I understood ok.
      Regards, Gabriela

      • 10 anos atrás
  • stotty
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 10 anos atrás

    Hi, I really appreciate your work. Our discussions are now which design of yours we prefer. I am hoping to award the project today and you are the only designer that has been truly original. Just a couple of things. Firstly don't worry about the spine, these piano books don't have a spine. Secondly I have Photoshop so a PSD file is the best for me. Can this PSD file isolate into layers the drawing, the titles, the author etc. I am assuming the "for beginners to intermediate "when in a circle over the piano is in another layer and the full drawing of the piano is behind. I like the 3rd variant here as it is but it is impossible to know at this stage whether it will have to be adjusted. Also not sure of the final size of the book so need everything in layers so can transform if necessary. When I award the project can you let me have the font name too. When I award the project if there is anything else I need to have full control then let me know. Regards Paul

    • 10 anos atrás