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Demo for ad video

Hi! In this video I have removed the elephant image. Hope you will like it.

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  • vw7920556vw
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    • 2 meses atrás

    Thanks for the effort!, Its Great here are some of the changes i would like

    1. On the start of the video(for the 1st 10 seconds) it's better to have a good speed up version the CNC machine from different angles(seens)

    2. And for the rest 12 or 15 seconds the products made with the CNC in a way which potrays the multitiude of products that can be made with the CNC

    3. The rest is your creativity needed, like that of adding a royalty free background music which matches the transition of the video and some slike looking motion graphics to give it a profetional look
    4. Please drop the elephant video and Pic, not good enough, you can use a speed up version of this video to show the machine working

    5. Please use all the elements in the picture folder as i want to convince buyers that the multitiude of areas the machine can be used

    6. you can starch the time up to 35 seconds

    Thank you !

    • 2 meses atrás
    1. DJohn0108
      • 2 meses atrás

      I will edit one copy according to your request, please extend the contest so I can submit another one

      • 2 meses atrás