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Small 3e printed vice

Greetings. Attached is my first design of your needed vice. Since you didn't tell you anything about the cranks for both fastening the clamp to the 1-1/4" rail and for the vice itself. I just followed what your drawings showed. The design is a bit heavy, but it's due to the forces involved and the material properties: I chose ABS for simulating material resistance, with 30MPa of tensile strength, and both the clamp and the vice deliver safely about 20lbf force, due to the embedded nut small cross section area that causes high pressures, surely that could be raised by using a fender washer on all sides or metal sheets. As you can see in the cross section, all the nuts are embedded, even the bolt is kind of embedded, in order to increase both the strength and the rigidity of the assembly. By the way, the vice opens all the way up to 100mm (3,937", higher than your stated 3,785"), so you should be able to the 4x2 in any orientation you like. Please give me feedback about the design, ty!

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