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CERTIFIED PC SOLUTIONS - Logo And Identity Design

Hi. I have designed your logo keeping in mind that with over 17 years of experience you are a certified professional hence the name, and that's why I have chosen the logo to be made with ribbon which are synonymous with being certified. I have given couple of designs just to show what kind of design services are on offer. I can incorporate any change and if willing I can give you multiple options in terms of logo and color. If I win the project, files in any requested format would be handed over within 24 hours or if there are changes as per your wishes then accordingly. For any clarification, kindly get back to me. Hope to work together !! Cheers ~ Jai

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  • roberttowns
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 9 anos atrás

    Thats clever, I like the card on the stack :-)
    However I really don't like the ribbon/roll.
    I want something stylish I can use for a logo,
    aduetratti's entry, I can use that image of the laptop with the "Certified PC Solutions" and the background graphic as my logo.
    I'm not very excited about using the ribbon as my logo sorry

    • 9 anos atrás
    1. jaideepmishra
      • 9 anos atrás

      Alright !!
      If you can extend the contest, I can give you other options.
      It is just that I saw your contest at the end.
      Also Btw. Adueratti's entry is a copied design. It is available in google search

      • 9 anos atrás
  • jaideepmishra
    • 9 anos atrás

    How the card may look like when finally printed :)

    • 9 anos atrás