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Logo for an IT consultation office Variant 01

Please tell me if you have any feedback to make it better. Thanks

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  • Inventions4u
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 8 anos atrás

    can u explain the logo. can u explain it to me plz

    • 8 anos atrás
    1. soumalyade
      • 8 anos atrás

      Thanks for your rating and question.I will surely try to help you with all queries that you have regarding the logo. Well as you mentioned in he brief the company is engage in providing consultation for all IT field, I used this blue dots as bubbles showing the depth and variety in your service. Because every bubble is different but at the same time it creates a shape, a shape of brain of company. And as the company deals mainly with modeling and simulation I used this geared shape instead of letter O. Even as per your guidelines I kept the color scheme to three colours it self. Overall I tied to make a simple but artistic logo to show to complex mechanism that involves in IT industry.I hope that I was able to answer your query properly. In case if you have any further query feel free to ask me, I will be more than happy to help you in possible way.

      • 8 anos atrás