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Laughable - Comedian showcase animation

Hi there, I uploaded a sample video for a simple animation of the Comedian Showcase. However in the business plan you specified a 60 seconds loop for all the images, I would advise you to consider changing the pictures one by one, since it can cach the users eye better. Since between the two images a vivid background abbears in the same color as the picture's border was, it gets the users attention even more. In addition, if you still want to go further, you can write or put funny things on the backgrounds, just simple short thing, not to make it too difficult to percieve in a short time. The link on what you can find the video is again Let me know what is your opinion about it. Thanks, Viki

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  • PereViki
    • 9 anos atrás

    Hi Spycraft69, I submit the different pages as I feel, that they are ready and meet the functional criteria of But I have new and new ideas :-) The whole site is getting more and more complex. For example, I try to make every function (playing, rating, adding to playlist) available on each site. I uploaded the video like this, since there s no chance for uploading animated material (as far as I know). Thanks for the rating. Do not hesitate to ask for modifications according to your taste, or's strategy. Bye, Viki

    • 9 anos atrás
  • Spycraft69
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 9 anos atrás

    Hi Viki, I took a look at the video and really like that idea! So is this just an improvement on the other submission?

    • 9 anos atrás