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Laughable - Comedian Profile - Bio

My last entry for today is the Comedian Profile, biography section. I separated the profile data into different tabs. You can switch between them by clicking on the icons in the title row. We have a biography section, an Albums section, one for the jokes (you can browse all of the regardless the album on which they are) and maybe a search feature can be added under the Comedian Profile, so we can search material related to the actual comedian. It is just an idea, we can drop it, if you like. On the biography site the user can see a profile picture, the website of the comedian, his/her short biography, and some uploaded pictures about him/her. I included these data, since on the self publishing portal, the same data was specified. The other 3 tabs' design would follow the design of the Trending albums, the Trending Jokes and the search results respectively. The first two will get a couple of pager buttons or scroll bars.

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