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Sorry I realized, that accidently I uploaded the wrong subpage in entry #46 I copied my description here: "here is my plan for the Users' Playlists section. I divided it into two sites. The first is the list of the user's playlists, where you can add a new playlist, delete existing ones, listen to them or open the playlist for managing it. I visualize, that users can upload covers for their playlists, that is why we have an album cover in the list. If there is no uploaded photo, either a cd, or the playlist icon coulfód be there. The user can see how many tracks there are in the list and how long is the whole list in total. My dinamic design ideas for this site includes again some changes if the cursor is over the album cover (it will be magnified) or the delete icon, which will turn red. I plan to prepare the pop up dialog boxes later, since they are not so complex. In addition if you still find my design too crowded we can drop the additional functions, which was not in the brief."

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