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Mobile App Design

I have designed remaining screens. The last "Setting" screen i didn't designed because it has no content in it. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Excalibur101
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 10 anos atrás

    Hi - This looks really good thank you! Sorry to change the colour on you again, but this time can you make the blue the same colour as your image that is being used on the splash screen and header so that the colours are consistent. Thanks. Once done, I might close the contest early and award to you as your design is my favourite so far.

    • 10 anos atrás
    1. geniedesignssl
      • 10 anos atrás

      Thanks for the feedback. I am updating the the screens with same color as in splash and will upload all the screens shortly.

      • 10 anos atrás