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The current version of [login to view URL] contains two rows of spinners.
We want to replace those with a nicely designed layout that conveys our message.
The sections below those and the menu above can stay, we just need to get a nice design for the main section.
It may just be one large graphic although that may take longer to load. So, maybe it could be broken up so the basics would load first and then supporting graphics later. Also, it MUST BE RESPONSIVE and look good on handheld devices as well as large computer screens. So, using HTML to lay it out is probably going to be necessary. However, again, you just have to provide something with the main concept below to put in the main section and don't need to worry about the menus or bottom section or anything else...

The big idea we want to convey in this section is...
The negative current situation:
1:Planet) Traditional farming uses dangerous synthetic chemicals and unnatural methods which pollute the soil and water and leads to erosion and loss of arable land:
The world has lost a third of its arable land due to erosion or pollution in the past 40 years, with potentially disastrous consequences as global demand for food soars, scientists have warned.
[login to view URL]
2:Farmers) Farmers are going ever deeper in debt to purchase more chemicals. Many are being poisoned and sickened in the process.
More than 20,000 in the USA alone were poisoned. There, they often use HazMat suits when applying the poisons. In developing nations they have no protection and so many more are poisoned.
[login to view URL]
3:Consumers) Our food from modern farming techniques contains ever less nutrients to nourish our bodies and is loaded with chemical residue. This leads to soaring rates of serious diseases.
[login to view URL]

We want to contrast that with the GrowingHope focus on foods produced following the 'Natural Farming with JADAM' approach:
1:Planet) Natural farming uses approaches which are very scientific and researched to adapt and complement natural processes of healthy biomes and the farming techniques which have produced nourishing food sustainably while building the soil for thousands of years.
2:Farmers) Natural Farming techniques are very low cost and safe for the farmers using mostly local resources.
3:Consumers) Foods produced using this approach is full of all the nutrition and healing qualities nature designed into them without any dangerous chemicals. These are the foods in the forms our bodies were designed to process and receive nourishment from.

Obviously, fitting all of this on the home page in a format that is not cluttered or overwhelming the first time someone comes to the page or the 30th time is the huge challenge.

I envision possibly having one overall graphic with two circular arrows starting with the planet on top and the consumer at the bottom, each one forming half of a circle with the negative side being black and white or some other color to set it off and having simple graphics to highlight each point. Maybe there could be a mouse-over effect popping up more narrative over each graphic. Another idea is to have a stream flowing down a mountain with a field of corn on the current situation side and people in HazMat suits for the farmers and polluted stream and/or sick people for the consumer on one side and something more like a food forest on the other side and happy healthy people for the consumers.

Note: The links I provide are to help you learn more to understand the concepts. You can do your own searching for ideas and graphics related to those concepts.

Provide a .html file with supporting files as a stand alone page. We will integrate it into the site from that.

The challenge is real... Show your skill... :)

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  • davb
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    For example, maybe there would be a large circle consisting of a an arrow on the left with three graphics beside it for the 3 points of the current situation and one on the right with the 3 points of the natural farming situation. Or, maybe a simple graphic of a stream on a hillside with the 3 points along it for the current and another for the 3 of the natural farming.

    • 1 ano atrás
  • davb
    Proprietário do Concurso
    • 1 ano atrás

    I am not looking for a logo.
    I am looking for an entire web page that shows a graphic and some form of details (such as a mouse over) for each of the 3 highlights in the current situation and 3 in the natural farming situation.

    • 1 ano atrás

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