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The winner of this contest will be able to tell me if the following website functionality is possible. If it’s not possible, please explain to me why not. If it is possible, to tell me how to do it and suggestions on how to go about doing it (as well as any terminology or jargon that I may not know about describing what this is). The winner will be the one who can answer my questions in a clear way.

I want my website to be able to dynamically change based on who is looking at it. For example, if we don’t have their email address, then I want my website to have popups, “sign up for newsletter” call outs, “free download” PDFs, seeking to get their email address.

However, if we have their email, then I don’t want the website to have any of that, and to instead have other things to help me get to know them which could be added to their profile.

Another example would be a call to action button in the upper right. If I don’t have their email, I would want the button to say “sign up here”, but if I do have their email, I want it to say something else. I would also like to do this without them having to create a profile themselves where they would have a password and have to log in. In a sense, if I have their email address, they are already logged in.

The problems that I don’t know are:

(1) Is it possible to know who is viewing your website? More specifically, is it possible to know if you already have their email address of the person viewing your website? Perhaps this would be checked against a database. Also, while it may not be clear if you have their email, another idea is to identify them by a cookie, pixel, or something else.
(2) Is it possible to change the look of a website (the content, the call to action, or images) based on whether or not you have their email address? Again, maybe there is a way to know in an indirect way.
(3) If you already have their email address, is it possible to add to their “profile” more information without them logging into anything. In other words, if they come back and I know that I have their email address, if they fill out a survey, is there a way to add the survey results to the email address profile.

If it is helpful, I use Salesforce for my CRM and I use Aweber for my email distribution. I am open to subscribing to another service if it would enable this functionality. As it is now, when they subscribe, the information automatically creates a “lead” in Salesforce, but I want to be able to add more information to that lead profile. Thank you and I hope someone can research to find out if this is possible.

Also, my main goal is to learn as much about the people who subscribe to my newsletter as possible (their name, location, date of birth, gender, etc.) without asking them for it. If you know how to do this, I may have additional work for you. Thank you.

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